Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It happened like 1-2-3,…  a string of noticings and signs; one giant cosmic car crash after another that left me chanting
silently to myself, “If I have freedom, I have responsibility.” That’s how this journey started.

Flashback to December 2009 when 15.3 million US residents were unemployed. My world got really different that year.
Did yours? I owned my own business, I’d simply make some adjustments; disconnect my landline, you know, tighten my belt.
I knew that a “correction ‘ was due. I had NO IDEA just how far and wide that correction would reach.

I watched all of the American dreams I’d had since childhood vaporize, yet I still believed to the sole of my soul that changes
would be for the better. I was left with one burning question:

How was I going to be a part of “better”?

Fast forward to today. It IS better. I was able to keep the house, and the dog that went with it. Business is thriving, and still
most days I continue to have these similar questions. Do you?

How can I be better?
Why does change take so long?
What’s next?
What is MY role in these changes?

These are questions that all of us in media creation can and should be asking ourselves.

I must do something’ always solves more problems than, ‘Something must be done’.
~ Anonymous

Shepherding the Transformative Advertising Project, we’re exploring what is possible in branding, marketing
and advertising, leveraging all the power and potential in those pursuits
to turn this mother around.
It’s already happening in some companies. More! We can do more…. TAP  is my “something” of the moment.

Please join us for these groundbreaking experiences.

Teri Cundall
San Francisco  2014
Chief Instigator at ProductionVilleSF
and Lab Manager at The Dog & Pony Road Shows™


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