03 Apr

“Who writes this Shi*”

Casting call the projectBefore we even get to set, women are challenged daily. Not just by traffic and long lines at Cable Car Coffee, we all share that; but by the pervasive, insistent and still accepted casting of out moded character traits and misaligned beauty aesthetics. Pile on the additional layer of the challenges of making a living as a freelance creative (actors in this case) and we have an environment that is ripe for revolution where the consumers KNOW they have all the power. We know that, right? Consumers have all the power. Thanks to our friends at CastingCallTheProject  for all your powerful work.

10 Feb

Brand loyalty via mass uniqueness (Is that even possible?)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.24.22 PM

Kiss that ROI good bye on your $5 million dollar #sb50 spot when it gets tweets with (1)-#werenotbuyingit.

Wings and guac aside, we’re hungry; really hungry for something that feels authentic, deep and honest. #findyourmagic  feels essentially real. I connect with my inner goofball, inner cool cat, inner *uckin’ amazing dancer….
You see me, you see the awkward in all of us. Thank you.

Brands connect when they respect. We’re all unique and yet all connected by the same humaness; “spiritual beings having a human experience”. I’ll wear your pants, drink your soda, use your banking API and drive your luxury car. IF.  If you get me!

In Nuno Heartki’s essay , he describes what every brand manger equates with success, “The desire to be accepted, to feel loved, to have beauty in your life, to build progress and fulfillment, to feel good, is not biological programming. If it was, you’d be satisfied when you reached one such objective. You don’t. Every time you reach a goal you get a temporary rush — but then you want the next thing.”

This position makes us love the brand, choosing it over and over again.
You see me, you see the awkward  human in all of us.

(1) A tiny footnote. This hashtag is used during Superbowl to give notice to brands that their messaging around women, gender and human rights is not acceptable. Retooling is “suggested”.

09 Nov

Black Friday, a day of research…..inspired by REI

It’s a given, it’s time to open our wallets and with luck, our hearts. There’s an ocean of reasons to gift someone this holiday season. I am not advocating for fewer presents, or even a shiny paper-free diet. What comes to mind is the “power of the pocket” practice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.56.11 AM

Why we gift
Why we spend
What we spend it on….. that’s the practice.

Sounds time consuming….reminds me of the saying, “If you think education is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance”.

Shopping on line?
I have no idea what you’re into….Give Google a spin with “Sustainable Gift Giving”

Whether you’re on Treehugger or Etsy and Amazon; think of this: every search is logged, businesses  spend staggering resources collecting data about YOUR preferences. Between asking and purchasing, YOU can sway the market. You.
Look for sustainable certifications or a sustainability tab.
Reward them with your purchases.
Order multiple items shipped in the same box.

Shopping live? Tips:
Look at the tags, educate yourself on where it was made and by whom. Weigh the cost of the item against your core values. (Note: be aware of your core values before you leave the house to shop). Who benefits from your purchases? Store employees, ( How do companies treat their team), manufacturers, shipping companies?

If all that sounds like, “OY! Who has time for all that thinking!” Here’s the reframe:
every purchase filled with intention is  a mediation for the intended recipient.
This benefits both the giver and the gifted.

You got this! Remember to take your own bag .


11 Aug

Yeah, it has sugar, but that’s not what makes this sweet…

Coke at Ramadan. Labeless.

The insta-realm of social has been blowing up this week with Coke. Not just all the baggies left on the meadow at the festival, but studies commissioned by Coca Cola proselytizing that more exercise will negate the effects of too much sugar. (I’m not convinced). In an effort to separate the wheat from the chaff; we offer this, they are a beverage company, run by humans. At the end of the day, if having a Coke every once in a while facilitates communication, sign me up. I assure you it’s not the worst thing I’ve done. Cheers my lablel-less friends,  some things have to be believed to be seen. If you’d like to know about how biases are formed, Take this test. It’s private and we’ll still love you!

13 Jul

Who’s at your table?

Lots of good reasons to have a diverse* group of creatives at brainstorms AND production approvals; but sometimes, even with best intentions, we miss. A faux pas can seem obvious to a fresh set of eyes or to individuals with awareness in social justice . In the “old days” (and by that i mean the early 90’s), we would pause for the longest 60 seconds in photography; the time it took a Polaroid to “cook”. As we reviewed, someone would say, “It looks like a smiley face” about our arrangement of  bath towels and forever polluting our perception.  All we could see after that was Smiley.  So at the risk of biasing your objectivity, what do you see when you look at  this ad?
“We own them”.

* What is diverse? If we have colleagues of various ethnicities, ages and genders, but we hold the same world view, is that diverse? In what ways is your creative team diverse?

04 May

What is your prison?

We couldn’t look at transformation without looking at prison. In what ways do we become separate and no longer a part of… competition is a catalyst for isolation. Cooperation and purpose the antidote.  As exhibited in the recent AiWeiWei exhibiton on Alcatraz
or in this campaign from Pedigree, that  aloneness can be debilitating, palpable.  And the road back….renewed connection to love. You might call that spirit, fellowship, camaraderie or DOG.  Sit, stay, watch.

Every Day is New. Begin Again. Pedigree.

Every Day is New. Begin Again. Pedigree.

15 Apr

Transformative Advertising Mission Statement

Hello,  one hundred scraps of paper, 4,000 phone calls and many inspiring and deeply moving conversations later, we offer this as a touchstone for The Transformative Advertising Project. @TransAdProject

“There is no more effective way to facilitate Justice, Sustainability and Human Fulfillment than to put it into the American bloodstream of media and advertising.”

03 Mar

It’s test time!

Film Makers profit with Bechdel approved roles for women.

Film Makers profit with Bechdel approved roles for women.

Today, we offer for your consideration, the Bechdel Test. Simply stated,  the test defers to three criteria to see if a creative piece has gender biases. “The Bechdel test asks if a work of fiction features:

1.) At least two women,

2.) Who talk to each other,

3.) About something other than a man.”