The Conversation

The advertising industry is fearful. Fearful our best ideas will be rejected. Fearful that too many rejections will lose the client.

The result is the stream of mediocre campaigns from agencies. Dove Real Beauty? Chipotle Food with Integrity? Such quality, relevant work is increasingly uncommon.

It’s because agencies and brands are struggling to produce more creative at ever faster speeds in the face of tighter budgets and greater constraints. The relationships the business is based on – agency-client, agency-staff, staff-family, consumer-brand – are under stress and fraying.

The ideas and messages we pour ourselves into offer little contribution to the world and culture at-large amidst the noise, pressure and bottom-line.  The souls of our colleagues and the brands they support are going unfulfilled, leading to public distrust of those brands and advertising itself.

A conversation needs to be had. Questions need to be asked. Safer environments that bring out our best need to be fostered.

It should be obvious. Yet despite the warning signs, advertising remains wary of change. We march forth fueled by adrenaline and caffeine, all but ignoring the obvious question. “Why?”

The discussion is taking hold. To be part of it, join us in San Francisco on January 21, 2015. Let’s examine the deep-rooted issues standing between us – and our industry – from our collective best.